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70 Videos from 6 Continents

Keepy Uppy: Watch the Best and Most Creative Entries

Leverkusen. How often can you keep the ball up in 20 seconds? Contestants from Finland to Thailand, and from Argentina to South Africa had a go. They were invited to upload a video of their best attempts to the Bayer Facebook page. The one who was able to keep the ball up with the largest number of ball contacts had the chance to win a 3D TV. » more
Travelling more comfortably – a new polycarbonate grade from Bayer reduces the weight of luxury cases.
New Bayer Plastic Makes Luggage Lighter and More Secure

Travel More Comfortably

Andiamo Luggage equips its new collection of luxury suitcases with scratch-resistant material

Leverkusen. Vacation is finally here! Just pack the bags and enjoy the summer. Heavy luggage, however, often makes travel an ordeal. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Bayer MaterialScience teamed up with the U.S.-based travel goods manufacturer Andiamo Luggage to develop a special plastic for suitcases that is particularly lightweight. And so robust that it provides excellent protection for the contents. » more
The Bayer fencers celebrate winning the title at the Fencing World Championships (from left):Nicolas Limbach, Benedikt Wagner, Matyas Szabo and Max Hartung
Fencing World Championships

Bayer Quartet Wins World Title

Kasan. Success for the sabre fencers from Bayer: The quartet has won the men's team competition at the Fencing World Championships in Kasan, Russia. Max Hartung (24), Nicolas Limbach (28), Benedikt Wagner (24) and Matyas Szabo (22) go down in history as the first German team to win the team sabre fencing title. » more
Bayer Group
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The Bayer Cross at Cologne/Bonn airport
Fourth Place in "Brand Respect" Ranking

Bayer Is One of the Most Respected Brands in the USA

New York. According to a report by CoreBrand, Bayer is one of the most respected brands in the USA. In its latest "Brand Respect" report, Bayer takes fourth place. In the pharmaceuticals and chemicals sector, Bayer takes the top spot. The ranking lists the top ten most respected and least respected corporate brands. » more
Around the world
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The Bayer Cross on the side of the Citigroup Tower in Shanghai
Colleagues in China Congratulate Germany on Win

Bayer Cross Shines out over Shanghai for the World Cup Final

Shanghai. Greetings to Germany: Colleagues in China sent a very special "good luck" message to the German soccer team for the big final. The Bayer logo and German colors could be seen for miles on the Citigroup Tower in Shanghai – a message that seems to have worked! » more
Bayer Companies
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INSQIN: inspiring a new generation of PU coated fabrics that enable disruptive innovation
Global Launch of INSQIN

Bayer MaterialScience Brings Magic to Materials

Leverkusen. Bayer MaterialScience announces the launch of INSQIN, a novel turnkey solution for a new generation of polyurethane (PU) coated fabrics. The launch marks a new chapter in the footwear and apparel sector, in which Bayer offers brand owners an integrated package of pure waterborne PU technology, material co-development and a certified manufacturer partner program for PU coated fabrics, fostering a new way of value chain collaboration. » more
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Andreas Busch (left) and Thimo V. Schmitt-Lord (right) present the award to Dr. Abigail Doyle.
Bayer Early Excellence in Science Award 2013

Dr. Abigail Doyle Honored for First-class Research

Berlin. Dr. Abigail Doyle from Princeton University, USA, has received the Bayer Early Excellence in Science Award 2013 in the category chemistry for her work on innovative synthesis methods. Andreas Busch presented her with the award during the science dialog event in Berlin. The Bayer foundation presents the prize to outstanding young scientists in the early stages of their academic careers. It has been awarded annually since 2009 in the three categories biology, chemistry and materials, each with prize money of EUR 10,000. » more
Human Resources
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Today, three of the eight members of the Bayer Country Council Japan are women.
Country Council Japan

Strong Steps to Enhanced Leadership Gender Balance

Tokyo. Bayer's leadership team in Japan has taken strong steps towards improving gender balance in its Country Council. Until recently, the eight members consisting Management team was an all-male group, reflecting the country's strong tradition of male-dominated business environments. » more
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Take part in Keepy Uppy and win an LG Smart 3D TV.
Win a High-quality Flat Screen TV from LG

How Many Times Can You Keep the Ball up?

Leverkusen. At the start of the soccer World Cup, Bayer is launching an exciting soccer contest on Facebook. The task is simple: first, get hold of a ball. Keep it up off the ground for 20 seconds by touching it as many times as possible. Film yourself doing it and upload the video to the Bayer Facebook page. The competitor with the largest number of separate touches wins a high-quality flat screen TV from LG. » more
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Melanie Fahr-Yilmaz values Connections.
BayWay and Connections

Helping Managers Grow

Leverkusen. The "BayWay" program helps executives to manage international, cross-functional teams virtually. Connections is an integral part of BayWay. To coincide with the installation of the new version 4.5, the BNC is presenting eight colleagues who describe their experiences with the Connections platform. Today, Melanie Yilmaz explains why it is so useful for the Bayer Academy's program. » more
Around the world
Adult Literacy Program
Karachi. Bayer Pakistan is partnering with The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF) to fund 200 centres of the Aagahi Literacy Program in 2014. Aagahi has been designed especially for poor neighborhoods to give an opportunity to women from the rural and urban slums around TCF schools to participate in the education process. » more
Bayer Innovative Soccer Class
Tokyo. What do Messi and Neymar have in common? They both have great skills with the ball! At the "Bayer Innovative Soccer Class" in Tokyo, a group of schoolchildren got the chance to practice their ball skills with the world-renowned freestyle soccer team CUBE and former Germany player Guido Buchwald. » more
Making Science Make Sense
Miyazaki/Kumamoto/Iwate. Generating power using citrus fruits, crushing cans and making puffed rice were just some of the exciting experiments that schoolchildren in Japan got the chance to marvel at during this year’s Making Science Make Sense program run by Bayer employees. » more
Bayer in Taiwan
Penghu. Volunteers from Bayer Taiwan recently made a trip to the remote Penghu Islands to offer science and health education. Due to a serious loss of population, Penghu is now mostly inhabited by children and the elderly. » more
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